Rise Assisting Robot, DeliSofter

Bed That Transforms into a Wheelchair

A son with father
who needs assistance

Hello, it’s me. Dad just fell asleep. Our caregiver came and cleaned his bedroom while Dad and I went out. I appreciate his caregiver, but I really want to thank to Panasonic’s ResyonePlus, Rise Assisting Robot, on a day like today. Part of an electric care bed can be detached and used as an electric reclining wheelchair. Dad used this wheelchair to go out on the balcony. The weather was good, so he seemed to be enjoying the fresh air. His complexion is good lately, and I think he is smiling more.

ResyonePlus helps the user to rise from the floor.
The caregiver is able to move the user from the bed to the wheelchair without help, expanding the area of activity and increasing the QOL (quality of life).

I suppose DeliSofter is also helping him to smile more. It’s a specialized pressure cooker to make food easier to swallow. The look of the food does not change, but it becomes softer. Before, I had to make his food in liquid form, so that he wouldn’t choke. But when everything is crushed by a blender, it doesn’t look appetizing. When we use DeliSofter, food can keep its appearance, so he seems to be more eager to eat. He is also pleased to be able to sit with us in the wheelchair.

DeliSofter supports people with swallowing difficulties.

I installed Monitoring Air Conditioner in his bedroom as well. Dad can use the remote control to turn on and adjust the air conditioner on his own. But when the caregiver and I are both out and Dad is alone sleeping, we can use the monitoring service that controls the air conditioner remotely using the cloud to adjust temperature in case the room temperature gets too high. We can also use this service in case of emergency to check on his safety.

Our caregiver told us that Panasonic has a long history of developing devices for assisted living. I’ve heard that the birthrate has been declining in advanced nations and that the shortage of caregivers is a growing social problem. I think if more people use these Panasonic’s products, we’ll see more people smiling.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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