Airport Solution

“I want to visit the airport again
wherever my travel destination would be.”
We are aiming to create that kind of place.

Bettertopia Airport Manager

Welcome to the Bettertopia Airport. We’ve been working to create an airport that would make you think “I’m happy to come here, I want to come again” by offering various services for travelers from all around the world.

Overseas visitors first pass through an immigration inspection. Panasonic's face recognition system is at work here. Authentication is conducted by precisely analyzing a facial photograph of the person taken here and the facial image that is preserved on the IC chip of the traveler's passport. Steps such as advance registration are not necessary, so it is also remarkably convenient. Just watch! Authentication is done instantly, so the person can pass through the gate without any stress. In this way, we raise the certainty of this security measure while reducing the number of immigration staff and shortening the time required. More than anything, we work to make this an inspection step that relieves the burden from travelers who are tired from their long journey.

Face Recognition Gate

What the airport guide is holding in her hand is Megahonyaku. It’s a loudspeaker (megaphone) that automatically translates information into multiple languages when guiding visitors from various countries and regions. Here at the information counter, we are utilizing multiple language information services using tablet computers.

Megahonyaku (Megaphone-shaped Translator)

This is a Robotic Electric Wheelchair. Using a special app, people who need a wheelchair can call up from a bus stop or the arrival place for car services, then, this Robotic Electric Wheelchair will automatically come and to take them to the ticket counter autonomously, avoiding people and obstacles along the way automatically. Multiple units can follow in line as well.

Robotic Electric Wheelchair

How about that? Technologies by Panasonic have been used in many areas, including the services and security systems that watch over the airport. Airports have become a place not just to pass through during a trip but a place where you spend time for shopping, dining and relaxing. We keep working on ways to make airports better places so that people around the world think that they want to come again.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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