Data Archiver

Count on Us for Storing Data that Increases Day by Day

CTO, Server Operator

This is our data management center. We are proud of it. This facility is the reality of “the cloud” where you have been uploading your data. Surprised? It’s true. “Saving to the cloud” has become popular all over the world to store data that keeps increasing day by day. But where does all that data go? It would all accumulate in data centers somewhere on earth. Our company has been attracted to technology by Panasonic as it has been the leading the development of optical disks for nearly 40 years.

The Data Archiver that Panasonic has developed is called “freeze-ray.” It uses “Archival Discs” for business that have larger capacity than other storage media such as hard disks. It has a storage capacity of 300 GB per disc and high reliability with a long life of about 100 years.* Still the long-term running cost would be less. These are great advantages, aren’t they? No wonder that not just our company but many other organizations such as large-scale data centers, broadcasters, and other enterprises. Archives of cultural assets and academic research institutions have also been using Panasonic’s Data Archiver.

* The estimated lifetime based on acceleration tests that are being conducted by Panasonic. Note that it is not a guaranteed value.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.