Power Assist Suit

We Are in the Age of the Wearable Robot.

Experienced cargo transportation worker,
Bettertopia Airport

Hey, over this way. You have just been assigned here today, right? Welcome. All this luggage, golf bags, and other things that customers have checked in have been gathered for each flight and have been transported by cargo trucks to under each aircraft. Now it’s our turn. Other staff are already working. We should hurry up. Is this the first time you are wearing the Power Assist Suit? Let me help you.

Power Assist Suit for the waist.

We need to hand carry customers’ luggage one by one carefully to load them into the container. There is a trick to efficiently stacking pieces of luggage that vary in size and shape. We are the ones who have that knowledge accumulated from actual work on site. As its name suggests, this Power Assist Suit will help us do the tasks. But the main characters here are us, of course.

How about that? How is the “Wearable Robot” fitting you? It has sensors that detect the movement of your hands and legs, and that activates the actuators that support your muscle power. That’s the mechanism of this robot. Try moving it slowly. That’s right. You can easily lift a heavy suitcase without putting stress on your body, right? So somebody like you who has a slim build and experienced staff like us can do this work together without worrying. In this airport, we are aiming to create a barrier free work environment in terms of strength where anybody can work as they wish regardless their age and gender. Panasonic is making that dream come true.

It’s not just here. We still have many work places where some tasks are depending on “workers’ judgment and physical strength.” The Power Assist Suit reduces the stress on a worker’s body for tasks that requires heavy lifting. So experienced employees can stay involved longer, and there will be no worry about a labor shortage as these tasks no longer require heavy lifting from people. Oh, people are calling us. Let’s go and join in the work. We can help them finish the job faster.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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