Clothing Care System, Interactive Mirror

Let the Robot Do the Laundry and
Folding While I Enjoy Makeup

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in Bettertopia

Come on in! Thank you for coming all the way to help me with our home party. Did you come just to see our new laundry robot? Ah, no wonder. It’s this way. Take a look. You only see this white wall? This is our system, the Clothing Care System by Panasonic.

Clothing Care System

We just started using this as a family. We don’t have to spend time washing, drying and folding the clothes anymore, so now we have more free time. In fact, we only need to put dirty clothes in this drawer. That’s it. After that, the robot determines the materials of the clothes and how dirty they are and then washes them in the most appropriate way. After washing, it dries and folds the clothes and stores them. Everything is done automatically behind this white wall.

What am I doing in my free time? Well, come see. This is it, especially for a day like today. It’s party time! This is an interactive mirror. It can detect the skin condition of the person in the mirror and show simulations of different makeup options.

Interactive Mirror

If I have blemishes that I want to conceal, this can print out a thin makeup sheet. This is amazing. It works as a concealer and a foundation in one. This can also show me variations in color for clothes as well. Try it yourself!

Makeup Sheet

I must say that Clothing Care System gave us more free time to enjoy with friends, like what we’re doing now.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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