Recycling Technology

A New Role Is Waiting for an Appliance
that Stepped Down from Its Original Role

Home Appliances Recycling Plant

Welcome to the Bettertopia’s proud Home Appliances Recycling Plant. This is a gathering place for used home appliances. You might be asking if we are repairing broken appliances here? No, our function is to recover iron, copper, aluminum, other metals, and plastic materials as valuable resources for reuse.

The important point of recycling is how efficiently and cleanly we can recover various resources. From this viewing zone, you can see the actual line in operation to see what kind of materials can be recovered from home appliances. Yes, this is actually hands-on work by people who are painstakingly disassembling the appliances. By doing this, we are improving the technology and accuracy to recover resources and to minimize the amount of waste being discarded.

Mercury gas from LCD televisions, Freon gas from air conditioners and refrigerators and other hazardous materials are collected in a safe and secure way to be processed in specialized plant to render them harmless.

Recycled materials recovered in this way will be reused for various purposes. Some of these will be reborn as parts used in new home appliances such as the frame for a washing machine or the bottom pan for a refrigerator. Thanks to efforts in the industry, the ratio of home appliances being recycled has been increasing every year.

In this plant, we have been working on research and development for new recycling technology. We also share what we learn about recycling with manufacturers so they can use it when they’re creating new products.

By the way, this plant uses technologies that the Panasonic Eco Technology Center developed. No matter how convenient our lives become, if we produce too much garbage in our daily lives, we can’t call that lifestyle smart. Used home electronics have a lot of materials that are highly reusable. In other words, they are filled with treasure. Our hope is to ultimately create a zero-waste society through 100% recycling.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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