Smart Factory Solutions

Total Control of Complicated
Manufacturing Process

The Factory Manager

Please come this way. Our factory adopted a Line Controller System for the total control of the manufacturing process by linking equipment to work together using IoT. Since we have equipment from different companies, we always had to use different control systems from each maker to control the entire manufacturing line. But from now forward, we can manage everything from a single PC.

The semiconductor manufacturing process over there just incorporated this Panasonic product. Panasonic’s Plasma Dicing Technology is used to cut individual pieces out of the silicon wafers that circuits are created on. Thanks to this, we’ve become able to more efficiently produce memory chips that are becoming thinner and thinner without causing damage to them.

This system was constructed by Panasonic. The company has a proven record in creating manufacturing equipment to make displays, other devices, and chips as well as mounting systems for assembling electronic components. They’re always thinking about solutions for problems and challenges that our factory is facing and have provided great service after delivering the system. Based on this case study, we’d like to improve the manufacturing process in our other factories using Panasonic’s Smart Factory Solutions as well. We will keep working to optimize our factories and the overall management of our company.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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