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Wow, what a coincidence to bump into each other in this crowd. Are you meeting up with your family? I’m waiting for my friend to come. My work? Well, I’ve been working hard as usual. I’m designing smartphones that you can find in the hands of many people who are waiting for somebody. The latest one? The thinnest model that has just been released. It does not become hot while holding it in your hand. That’s one of the features of this new product.

In fact, smartphones and tablet devices generate quite a lot of heat. When electricity runs through an electronic circuit, it generates heat. Products like smartphones need to be small, light and compact, and they can generate a lot of heat. If that heat isn't blocked and allowed to properly escape, the smartphone won't continue to operate correctly. People around here do not seem to be bothered by the heat of their smartphones. That’s because we have taken measures against the heat in our design process. What have we been doing? We’ve been using a thin and light thermal protection material called PGS(R) Graphite Sheet by Panasonic. And, yes, your smartphone is also using that.

PGS(R) Graphite Sheet

To put it simply, the advantage of the PGS(R) Graphite Sheet is that it has a structure to move heat across a large surface. It’s heat conduction rate is 2-5 times more than copper and 3-8 times more than aluminum. It can conduct heat quickly across a large surface. That also means that it can quickly dissipate the accumulated heat. It is also light. Its weight is 1/10~1/4 of copper and 1/3~1/1.3 of aluminum. The graphite sheets are also easy to fabricate as it’s flexible and soft. We can create thermal protection by just attaching a sheet like a sticker.

It’s been used in devices like digital cameras and laptop computers. This sheet could even be used in automobiles to deliver warmth in heated seats and steering wheels, utilizing the high thermal conduction rate the other way around.
It is expected to play an important role in outer space where temperatures change radically. Are you asking if I will be designing spaceships? Well, in fact... Oh, my friend has come. Sorry, maybe I’ll tell you about that later!

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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