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Bettertopia Stadium

Welcome to Bettertopia Stadium. Thank you for coming. I’m the manager here, so let me show you around. First, come this way to the entrance gate. Where’s the line? There is no line to enter. We don’t have such a thing in our stadium. You’ve already registered with a photograph of your face, and the face recognition system does the job. So you can get in quickly. You can pick up your pre-ordered meal and drinks here. Merchandise and food can be purchased without cash or credit cards. Your face is all you need.

The pre-game ceremony is about to begin. Enjoy projection mapping that is projected directly on the ground. The sound is also impressive, isn’t it? The images you are seeing on the gigantic display are video that’s being shot from the Ballooncam, a hybrid drone wrapped in a balloon. Isn’t it great to have another view that’s different than the one from your seat?

The Ballooncam sends images from unique viewpoints.

You’re probably wondering about the tablet on each seat? That’s a personal terminal for you to use here. You can check out the details of the stadium. Of course, you can also access information on the game and players anytime you like.

Now the game is starting! The players are coming out. Multiple cameras are used to provide images from many angles. Switch your tablet to the camera angle you like. You can switch between cameras to get to the angle you prefer.

The sports viewing solution uses the Multi Video Distribution System.

Their faces are constantly monitored with vital sensing, and you can even check each player’s heartbeat or stress level on your tablet while watching the game. If you miss a critical moment, no problem. You can replay the scene right away. By the way, this vital sensing technology has also been utilized in golf and other kinds of events.

Vital sensing technology is used for sports events

The gigantic display you saw earlier is projecting images in ultra-high definition 4K video. If there is a great play, they can instantly edit all the action in the control room and replay it with incredibly dynamic video images. These are all provided by Panasonic as one package. Now, let me excuse myself. Please enjoy the best game in the best environment!

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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