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Making Window Shopping
an Unforgettable Experience

Store Manager,
Sportswear Store

We are living in a time when we can buy anything online, but there are benefits to coming into the store. In a store, you can touch and confirm the quality of the product or actually try on clothes. So we are making efforts on how we display our products and provide information to create a more satisfying shopping experience.

Now we have the Light ID Solution, a proprietary technology by Panasonic called LinkRay. This is a visible light communication technology that relays digital signals through high speed blinking from LED transmitters. When a customer points a smartphone with a special app to the display, they can get product information, coupons, and other valuable information and offers.

"LinkRay" Light ID technology

This will share the features of the products in the store and provide fashion advice on how to coordinate them, so it can be used as your shopping guide when a salesperson is not around. You can even buy products from the website later in case your size or your favorite color are not in the store or when you want to think about it before you decide to buy.

We have set up several large digital signage systems outside our store. We are using LinkRay here as well to send information 24/7. These have been playing an important role for us to keep in touch with customers when our store isn’t open for business. We can utilize these not just to introduce our products but for many other purposes. For instance, we can distribute coupons and points, or give out special gifts in the store, or create digital tickets for a lottery event.

Some parts of our store’s windows are Transparent Screen. At first glance, it just looks like a glass window, but it can change into signage instantly. It’s great as we can show clear images in relatively bright environment. We can display an unexpected image such as a stationary mannequin that suddenly starts moving. Such ideas would surely raise the attention level of customers. It’s been helpful as an effective advertising tower during special sale periods.

Transparent Screen

By utilizing IoT(Internet of Things) to provide various types of information, we can create more opportunities to communicate with customers around our retail spaces and beyond our business hours. We can also offer new kinds of shopping experiences. We have limitless opportunities even though the area of our physical store is limited. With the support from Panasonic, we are looking forward to trying many new ideas.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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