Cold Chain Solution

Aiming to Deliver Fresh and
Safe Food for Everyday Meals


Good morning. Fruits and vegetables from your farm have just arrived. Thank you so much for your steady supply of great produce. Everything from your farm is really popular in this store. Why don’t you take a look at our produce section before starting our meeting?

We strive to be an environmentally conscious store and have been working to reduce the effects of global warming, setting goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions. To make our entire store energy efficient, we are utilizing Panasonic’s store operation system that takes care of our refrigeration and freezing equipment as a whole.

We need to maintain the right temperature in our display cases for the various foods that we carry, but we also need to keep that space open so customers can easily get the items they want to buy. We found a unique technology that solves these contradictory requirements. It’s called the Double Air Curtain. This two-layered air curtain acts like an invisible door, preventing outside air from coming in and keeping perishables fresh while reducing the energy needed for refrigeration. We are now also using LED lighting.

We are using Regi-Robo(R) for our cashiers. Customers just place the items they want to purchase in their basket and then place the basket on a designated counter. Then Regi-Robo(R) can finish the transaction and place the purchased items in bags autonomously.


Today is a little bit cloudy and cold, but as you can see and feel, the inside of our store is bright and comfortable. By optimizing the system settings throughout the store to match environmental changes like the outdoor temperature and brightness, we save energy and keep the store space comfortable for our customers.

The condition of our equipment is being monitored remotely 24/7. The system can detect potential problems before they start affecting the store’s operation, and it automatically reports any issues to the support center. Then maintenance specialists can come to the store. This gives us peace of mind, and we can keep our store open.

Oh, a new delivery has come in. All the produce coming here is delivered safe and fresh through Panasonic’s supply chain. It’s helpful for you and us as we can offer a delicious selection of just-picked fruits and vegetables. Well, shall we start our meeting? Of course, we are planning to use Panasonic’s supply chain for the new varieties of vegetables that we’ll be talking about today.

The technology and solutions presented here were announced in the above press release or exhibition. Some are in the R&D stage or are under consideration for commercialization.

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